A brand new website for RSD Recruitment

RSD Recruitment came to us a few months ago with a specific request: they wanted to be able to offer their candidates and clients a fully functional website that could help streamline the administrative side of their business. Plus they needed something a little fresher - design that really complemented their forward-thinking approach to modern recruitment.

Getting things moving

So the Purple Motion team got to work behind the scenes, working out the best way to approach the project and the best tools, software and coding to use.

The entire site was custom built from the ground up. We had to build an API (application programming interface) to allow the site to pull in the latest jobs and display them in a clear, easy-to-navigate manner.

We also knew that RSD Recruitment wanted their candidates to be able to upload their CVs, apply for jobs and keep track of their various applications through the website. So we built a custom user management system where candidates can log in and keep a handle on their information without having to call up or go into the office.

A job well done

The project took a while to take shape because of these intricacies but, between our designers, developers and copywriters, we were able to create exactly what RSD Recruitment were looking for. Sometimes, these projects can seem huge when we start out, but we get a tremendous sense of achievement by stepping back at the end and admiring our custom handiwork.

So, if you have a complex digital marketing idea and you’re not sure where to start, talk to the team at Purple Motion today. We pride ourselves on providing navigable, functional and beautiful websites that can serve pretty much any purpose, so call us now on 01752 764 209, or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

Visit: www.rsdrecruitment.com