EPS Lighting

The question:

EPS Lighting is a well-established lighting specialist, supplying cutting-edge products to customers all over the globe. They needed a website to showcase their product range, so that customers could quickly track down the product they need and download all the relevant information. They performed an in-depth search for the right agency, and landed on Purple Motion as the best option.

The answer:

We created a custom-built website for ESP, arranging products intelligently to make them easy to find. Database-driven, the site is easy to use and lays out their extensive product range according to category. The clean, precise design is exactly what the EPS team had in mind. Since launching the new site, they’ve also got us involved with creating adverts, press releases, flyers and posters, and a brand new catalogue will be coming soon.


“Ace job, Lee and the team. We’re glad we stumbled upon Purple Motion, blew any local options out of the water!”  Russell Vanstone, EPS Lighting

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