The question:

Much-loved local childcare providers, Pixieland, had no problems on site. Their nurseries were running like clockwork, they weren’t struggling to get people through the door and they had one of the best reputations in Plymouth. But, truth be told, their online presence just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Although they had a website, its design was a little outdated and it wasn’t set up for mobile browsing. Plus they weren’t sure where to start when it came to efficient digital marketing.

The answer:

The Purple Motion team started by freshening up their logo and creating sunny responsive website wireframes in line with their industry’s design trends. We made sure the website was extremely easy to navigate, so that busy parents could quickly track down the information they needed. Once the site was launched, we created a digital marketing strategy made up of social media and email campaigns to drum up renewed buzz and interest in their nurseries.


“Team did a brilliant job with our new branding, and with our ongoing marketing. All the parents have said how much easier the new website is to use.”Tracy Solomon, Pixieland Nurseries

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